Children and Families Itinerary

The museums hold treasures capable of surprising and stimulating the imagination. For this reason, children are the first to be enchanted by the wonders of art and culture.

In this section we have tried to give an overview of the museums belonging to the Territorial Museum Network of the Province of Lucca that can be visited with children. In the "didactic" section it is also possible to find laboratory activities which you can participate in during a nice family day.

To spend a magical day with your children, some museums are recommended.

In Viareggio, the Carnival Museum will immerse and amaze adults and children in the carnival atmosphere that accompanies the creation of allegorical floats, intriguing the eyes, with some extraordinary creations of the cart masters. By booking through the website, you can also create your very own carnival mask in one of the many workshops and learn the secrets that have made the Viareggio Carnival one of the most famous in the world.

In the town of Piazza al Serchio an enchanted place awaits you, full of goblins, fairies and fantastic creatures. The Italian Museum of Folklore Imaginary is waiting for you to tell you many funny, monstrous or magical stories! The magic continues through the forest paths where you can look for all the fairies and goblins from fairy tales on the path created by the Museum with an audio guide that will lead you into a truly fantastic world.

Come visit us. Thanks to our museums you can start living your dreams!

Do you want to become an explorer? the Athena Museum offers the section dedicated to Carlo Piaggia with a rich collection from expeditions to the African continent.

Do you dream of creating artworks? The Pietrasanta Sketches Museum shows the preparatory works leading to the birth of an artwork, or the Coreglia Antelminelli Museum of Plaster Figurines and Emigration.

Do you want to become an archaeologist? The Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore will allow you to touch some reproductions of tools from thousands of years ago and experience the thrill of archaeological discovery or visit the Versiliese Bruno Antonucci Archaeological Museum of Pietrasanta or the Castelnuovo Garfagnana Archaeological Museum of the Garfagnana Territory (the latter will be reopened in July 2022).

Do you want to write wonderful poems? Giosue Carducci's birthplace in Pietrasanta and the Giovanni Pascoli House Museum in Castelvecchio Pascoli in Barga are waiting for you to inspire your creativity by following in the footsteps of two great poets

Do you want to become a Formula 1 driver? The Padre Eugenio Barsanti Museum in Pietrasanta and the Barsanti and Matteucci Museum in Lucca are waiting for you to discover how the internal combustion engine was born that allows cars to go so fast.

Do you like music and would you like to become a composer? The birthplace of Giacomo Puccini in Lucca and the Giacomo Puccini Villa Museum are extraordinary places where the genius of the great composer still floats in the rooms where great masterpieces such as the Tosca or the Turandot were born.

Many workshops for children are held at the Museum and Archaeological Complex of the Lucca Cathedral. And then you can reach the Museum of the ancient Mint of Lucca where, after having told the story of the ancient coinage, it is possible to see the copies of traditional coins reproduced for children and also the Museum of the Risorgimento where you could play the Game of the Risorgimento to learn, having fun with the enterprises that led to the unification of Italy.

To educate children about remembrance and peace, we also recommend the Historical Museum of the Resistance of Sant’Anna di Stazzema. A museum that recounts the atrocities committed but is also a place of hope for a future of peace.

The Territorial Museum System of the Province of Lucca has also created the online game MemoMusei. An online game that you can find at and will allow you to discover the treasures kept in our museums. Play it too, you could become the champion of this new game!