Legal Notes

The website for the Museum System of the Province of Lucca is owned by the Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration.
This page shows the rules for accessing the website, details the terms and conditions of the website and has been compiled following the public administration website guide lines.
Unless otherwise stated all materials contained on this website are copyfree, thus freely usable under the terms of the Creative Commons BY- NC 3.0 licence.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 (CC BY-NC 3.0)
The licence authorizes users to reproduce, distribute and modify the contents of the website, even combining them with other information.
There are however some limitations:
- attribution clause (BY): the origins of the content must be attributed to the licensor (Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration). This must be done with reasonable methods so as to not imply that the licensor endorses the use of such methods.
Moreover wherever the website information is modified or added to other information it must be explicitly stated and must be clearly distinct from the information extracted from the website, in such a way as to not be attributed to the licensor.
- commercial limitation clause (NC): the contents of the website may not be used for commercial purposes.

The previous notes give a very short overview, in accessible language, of the characteristics of the CC BY-NC 3.0 licence and do not constitute the licence in its entirety.
Whoever uses the contents of the website agrees to follow the conditions outlined in the licence as they are reported in the following website URL: and to make this same link available.
Sending information or documentation to websites or services of the Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration will not be considered confidential and will grand the irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, transmit or distribute said materials and information.
Links and deep links from websites with legal content are welcome.

Use of the Website
The Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration takes all the necessary measures to reduce any technical failures to a minimum, however it cannot exclude that the services are interrupted due to external factors or agents; thus it does not take any responsibility for any consequences that may arise from any interruption of service.
The contents (texts, images, documents, attachments, forms, links etc.) sometimes may not be exhaustive, complete or up to date despite the editorial team’s constant activity; this same team will nonetheless take note of any errors, inaccuracies, unupdated or unclear content reported to the email address
Particularly referring to legislation, we always suggest consulting official sources for more up to date information.
The editing team maintains the exclusive right to, at their discretion, modify (partially or completely) without any forewarning the contents and images present on the website while carrying out administrative activities relating to the Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration.

Access to connected external sites
The Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration does not take any resposibility relating to the content of the websites which are accessible through links placed in the website itself as these are provided simply as a service to users. The presence of such links in no way implies either the approval of the content or any assurances in the quality of the services or products therein. Any legislative content present in such links is not considered official but merely informative in nature.

Limitations on the reuse of data
Personal data shared on the website during the execution of obligations relating to transparency and other current legislations are exclusively reusable when meeting conditions outlined by the current policy on the reuse of public data (European directive 2003/98/CE and legislative Decree 36/2006); meaning that such data is treated in compliance with national, international and European law relating to personal data protection.
The relevant legislation is viewable on the licensor’s website