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Extended policy on the users’ navigation data
Reference Policy: Regulation of the Privacy Guarantor from the 8th of May 2014.

Navigation Data
Navigation data is personal information automatically shared while using web communication protocols. Examples of such information are IP addresses and the domain names used by the users or visitors who access the website.
This personal data is normally collected for statistic surveys and are dealt with in an anonymous way and used to facilitate navigation.

What are cookies
Cookies are small lines of text send by the visited website to the users’ browser, where they are memorized and subsequently sent back during the next access to said website.
During the website navigation the user may also receive cookies sent by a third party websites, which can include several elements (e.g images, maps, sounds and specific links to pages in other domains) present in the currently viewed website.

Accessing this website you agree to the use of the following cookies:
Technical: these are cookies necessary to allow the safe and efficient website exploration and for access to restricted areas.
Anonymous analysis: these are cookies used for access monitoring and are defined as anonymous as they cannot be used to identify specific users.
Social Media integration: these are anonymous third-party cookies with the purpose of favouring the sharing experience of the website content on your own social media network.

List of cookies and information on how to disable them
- Technical cookies

The following list summarizes the technical cookies generated directly by the website.

Cookies: cookie policy
Purpose: technical
Expiry: persistent
Data Manager: Province of Lucca

Cookies: __atuvc, __atuvs (AddThis)
Purpose: technical
Expiry: persistent
Data Manager: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian Emigration
These cookies can be disabled by selecting the appropriate setting on your browser.

Analysis Cookies
On this website anonymous analysis cookies are not used. For the visit tracking on this website the following Google Analytics technical cookies are used:
- __utma (persistent)
- __utmz (persistent)
- _ga (persistent)
- _gat (session based)

Social media integration cookies
In this website systems that make use of social media integration cookies can be used.
To follow we have compiled a list of links to explore the relevant privacy policies and selective elimination methods.

This is a widespread social bookmarking service which allows visitors to share and report to other users any page utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google Bookmarks and other services.
Whoever doesn’t want to be tracked by AddThis can opt out using the appropriate function.
Personal Data collected: cookies and data usage.
Treatment location: USA – 
Privacy Policy

- Google Maps
Google Maps is the most widespread map service and some of the pages on this website might require the installation of cookies or the users’ location for some of the advanced functions.
Personal Data collected: cookies, position and data usage.
Treatment location: USA – Privacy Policy

- YouTube
Popular multimedia content platform, owned by Google. Some videos uploaded on YouTube could be embedded on some pages on this website.
Personal Data collected: cookies and data usage.
Treatment location: USA – 
Privacy Policy

- SlideShare
This is a service for the sharing of slides such as those made using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Some of the pages on this website could contain embedded slides, the use of which is made possible thanks to this system.
Personal Data collected: cookies and data usage.
Treatment location: USA – 
Privacy Policy

Information on how to disable cookies from your browser
To follow you have a list of links to disable cookies for the most common browsers:

- Internet Explorer

- Google Chrome

- Mozilla Firefox