To make the Museum System of the territory of the Province of Lucca website accessible some Technical Verification check points have been implemented; these are detailed in the Law number 4 from the 9th of January 2004 “Provisions to facilitate disabled people’s access to IT tools” (known as Legge Stanca) and in the Ministerial Decree for innovation and technology from the 30th March 2013 containing «Technical requirements and the different levels for accessibility to IT tools».
As also noted in the aforementioned legislation we have adopted the guide lines compiled by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), a section of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which deals with themes relating to accessibility.

Since to guarantee the accessibility of a website a continual adjustment process is needed we hope to have taken the right road to be able to reach a level of accessibility suitable to satisfy any user.

If you have any reports, suggestions or advice to better the work done so far you may write to us at, we appreciate your collaboration.