Old Mint Museum of Lucca

The Museum of the Old Mint of Lucca is located in the Casermetta San Donato, on the city walls and testifies to the activity of the Mint of Lucca, the oldest and most long-lived in Europe, which minted coins from the time of the Lombards to Carlo Lodovico of Bourbon (from 650 to 1843).

The Lucca coin was one of the most widespread and internationally recognized and inside the Museum it is possible to retrace the history of coinage from its origins to the present day, with a collection of machinery, scales and coin weights, a selection of medals of excellent engravers from Lucca and the "Luigi Giorgi Artistic Fund", made up of about 450 objects including medals, wax and plaster models, bronze castings, small jewelery casts, sealing wax prints, drawings and photographs.

The Museum also offers a large collection of books on numismatics and the history of engraving techniques and the territory of Lucca, which includes more than 1000 volumes starting from the 16th century.

The visit ends with the workshop where it is possible to witness the minting of historical coins.


Casermetta San Donato - Mura Urbane
55100 Lucca LU



Full ticket € 6.00

Reduced ticket € 4.00

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