Food and wine itinerary

The Province of Lucca, as well as our entire peninsula, offers an infinite gastronomical culture that is reflected in the many typical regional dishes and in the variety of local products recognized worldwide. When you go to discover the places of art, it is certainly advisable to take some breaks to eat good food, for this reason we have decided to suggest delicious typical dishes that you can enjoy spending pleasant days along the recommended itineraries.


The Garfagnana has been a land of farm and agriculture since ancient times. Farmers and shepherds used to go out very early in the morning to do their work, for this reason they needed foods that could be kept for a long time and that provided a lot of energy to support the labours of the whole day, such as the famous potato bread, which you can find for sale in all the bakeries in the area. When you come to visit the many museums of Garfagnana you can stop in one of the many restaurants or taverns in the area to taste the traditional spelt soup with beans, the polenta of "formenton otto file", a native species of corn, or the many dishes made with chestnuts, such as polenta, frittelle or castagnaccio, one of the typical sweets of the area. In the shops you can also buy local specialties such as IGP spelt (Protected Geographical Indication), with which you can also make soup at home, chestnut flour or typical cured meat such as biroldo, rigatino garfagnino or mondiola. The Don Luigi Pellegrini Provincial Ethnographic Museum houses a collection dedicated to the world of agriculture and crafts.


If Garfagnana was a land of farmers, Versilia with its ports and fishing boats was, and continues to be, a land of fishermen and sailors. Versilia also has a tradition linked to the land, this territory in fact includes municipalities that reach the sea from the Apuan peaks. At the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia in Seravezza you can learn about the many aspects of the traditional life of these men between land and sea and after visiting the numerous museums of Versilia you can indulge in delicacies that only Versilia can offer you. Trabaccolara pasta will conquer you and make you feel the thrill of tasting a poor and traditional dish that fisherman enjoyed at the end of the day, or spaghetti with "nicchi", clams caught in the Versilia Sea, a real specialty. But not only is Versilia known for delicious fish but also for the famous Carnival of Viareggio, after visiting the museum that houses installations of the cart masters try the sweet frittelle of the Carnival and you will see that the taste will fill you with joy! And if the sea and the fresh air have won you over, you can stop at the fish market to buy the famous clams or in one of the local shops for the "beach honey" produced with the helichrysum flower between Viareggio and Marina di Vecchiano.


The plateau and the pleasant hills of Lucca produce nationally and internationally recognized oil and wine. Lucca oil has the recognition of a protected designation of origin (DOP) as well as the wine of Montecarlo which in addition to having a protected designation of origin (DOP) is also a protected geographical indication (IGP). Visiting the city of Lucca you can visit some museums located inside the walls, such as the Barsanti and Matteucci Museum or the Birthplace of Giacomo Puccini and you can stop in one of the many restaurants in the city to taste the delicious tordelli lucchesi, the ancient frantoiana soup, with beans, cabbage and pumpkin or the traditional “Torta con gli Erbi”, a savory pie made with wild herbs of which the territory is rich. To conclude such a delicious meal, you can go to a pastry shop and ask for "buccellato", the typical cake of Lucca. In the shops of the city, you will be able to buy the oil, very good even by itself on bread, the Montecarlo wine, or the typical liqueurs produced in this area such as the Biadina or the Amaro di Lucca to bring with you a part of our precious food and wine heritage.

Now all you have to do is start your adventurous journey into the cultural and gastronomic wonders of the province of Lucca!

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