Panoramic Tour

The Museum Network intends to launch a series of virtual panoramic visits of the participating museums. The panoramic visit of the main hall of the Paolo Cresci Museum is intended to be a first example of this visiting experience.

The "Paolo Cresci Museum for the History of Italian Emigration" is located in the chapel of S. Maria della Misericordia in the Palazzo Ducale and in the adjacent rooms. The Museum collects a precious archive dedicated to a significant topic in the history of Italy: letters, diaries, documents and photographs belonging to everyday life that make it the richest collection of existing documents on Italian emigration. The exhibition invites us to follow the steps of the emigrant's journey, from departure, to the voyage, in search of a job and a home once we arrived at our destination.

A very significant cultural and human experience, the panoramic tour introduces us to the topic of emigration and invites us to continue the visit in person at the Paolo Cresci Museum for the history of Italian emigration