Father Eugenio Barsanti Museum

The Padre Eugenio Barsanti Museum is located on the first floor of Palazzo Panichi, a historic building in the central square of the city of Pietrasanta, built in the 15th century.

The museum collection gathers the personal objects, relics and documents that belonged to Father Eugenio Barsanti who invented, together with Felice Matteucci, the internal combustion engine.

Visiting the museum, you can retrace the life of Barsanti, born in Pietrasanta in 1821. The museum preserves some relics that belonged to the inventor, but above all autographed documents and some prototypes of internal combustion engines.

Following the museum itinerary, the visitor will be able to retrace the history of this extraordinary invention, that marked one of the fundamental stages in the history of man and which Barsanti arrived at after many years of attempts and experiments. Decisive was the meeting with Felice Matteucci with whom he created the first prototype of an internal combustion engine, a commercial and corporate adventure that began after having filed the patent at the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence in 1853.

In the museum there are different models of internal combustion engines made by the two inventors. The visitor, through the information panels, is invited to retrace the story of Father Eugenio Barsanti and his revolutionary invention.


Via Marzocco 1 - Palazzo Panichi
55045 Pietrasanta LU



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