Civic Archaeological Museum

The Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore is housed in the Palazzo Tori Massoni, located in the historic center, built by the Orsucci family from Camaiore towards the end of the 1500s.

The museum contains a rich collection of archaeological finds ranging from the prehistoric age to the Middle Ages, up to the proto-industrial age. The numerous rooms house bone finds, terracotta artifacts, containers for oils and perfumes but also the first iron utensils, ornamental figurines, musical instruments and jewels. A journey through the centuries to learn about the way in which human life has changed, from the primitive man, to the first settlements and then to the more complex housing structures of the Roman era and the Middle Ages.

The museum itinerary is divided into 13 rooms designed for scientific and historical didactic purposes and offers a truly interesting visit. The display of the finds is enriched by tactile stations, which allow you to touch the reproductions of tools and archaeological objects. The experimental stations also allow you to interact with the exposed materials through the "experimentation" of some techniques of the past; the sound and olfactory stations involve visitors in an emotional and exciting immersion.

In order to increase the quality and accessibility of the Museum, there are films of experimental archeology, touch screens, bilingual panels, aids in Braille for the blind, communication through comics for younger children.


Piazza Francigena - Palazzo Tori Massoni
55041 Camaiore LU



Full ticket: € 4

Reduced ticket: € 2 (children aged 6 to 18, school groups with two carers, people over 65, university students, residents of the Municipality of Camaiore, over 50’s accompanying children aged 6 to 18, owners of Edumusei Card.)

Ticket for groups of more than 8 people: € 3

Free ticket: children up to 5 years old, local area school groups with 2 carers, disabled people with a guide, licensed tour guides accompanying groups, ICOM members

Services and accessibility

Hand sanitizer available
Face masks available
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