Archaeological Museum of the Garfagnana territory

The museum is temporarily closed for renovation

The Archaeological Museum of the Garfagnana Territory is located inside the thirteenth-century fortress of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, now known as Rocca Ariostesca for having hosted for some years, from 1522 to 1525, the poet and writer Ludovico Ariosto as Governor of the Garfagnana.

Over the centuries, the fortress has been subject to changes and additions. During the Second World War it suffered extensive of damage and its current appearance is due to the subsequent restoration work.

The museum preserves extensive archaeological documentation coming from the Upper Serchio Valley and relating to two periods: the Mesolithic and the Iron Age.

The collection relating to the Mesolithic period testifies to the first phase of settlement and population of the territory, with the presence of scattered settlements, describing various lithic tools and their use

In the section relating to the Iron Age there are exhibits (terracotta, axes, votive statuettes) which testify to the presence of the Ligurian-Apuan people from the third century BC. until the Roman occupation. The exhibition is completed with the section concerning the finds dating back to the Etruscan domination.


Rocca Ariostesca
55032 Castelnuovo Garfagnana LU


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